Simple And professional for you

How Formican Works
Feature Form


With a variety of tools, you can design any form you need

Drag and drop

Simply place the fields in the form

Set the display field

Design beautiful shapes in accordance with brand and brandě»


Fits the viewing tool

Multi-step forms

Possibility to create a multi-stage form

Google Map

Google Map Support

online payment

Online payment in forms


Share forms on social networks


After registering the form, direct the user to your website or page

Registration time limit

You can register in different hours and days


Submitting a form will send a request to your system

Send SMS and email

Send SMS and email with registered form information

WordPress and Joomla module

The ability to display the form in WordPress and Joomla


More than30 different tools for designing the form

  • Text field
  • Number field
  • Multiline field
  • Email field
  • Mobile field
  • Telephone field
  • Date field
  • Time field
  • label field

Panel and Wizard form with all existing tools

  • Drop down
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Button
  • Decision field
  • Slider field
  • Picture field
  • Website field
  • Password field
  • Attachment field
Advance field
  • Matrix choice
  • Term of service
  • Drill down
  • Rich text
  • Signature
  • Multimedia
  • Rating
  • Smiley Rate
  • Map